Save a Buck

If you need a short manual that will help you save a buck or two while sailing, you have definitely come to the right place. While sailing is widely known to be an expensive activity that is famous for including mainly people that have a lot of money, it does not always need to be like that. Sometimes sailing can actually be quite reasonably priced, especially if the sailor is ready to make some smart choices.

Fuel Scanner

A fuel scanner is one of the best ways for saving money when it comes to economical boating. Boat owners usually spend the biggest amounts of money on boat insurance, port charges and fuel costs. The former two are quite hard to manipulate, but the costs of the latter can be significantly lowered by using a fuel scanner. The device scans fuel usage, which enables sailors to find out when you use the most fuel and then try to avoid those times. A fuel scanner can thus be a huge step towards considerable savings.


The correct method of antifouling can be cheap as well as efficient. Not only is it possible that the cost of antifouling a boat becomes quite low, the procedure can additionally lower your fuel bill, optimizing the absolute speed of the boat. With less weight, the boat can move faster with less power, which means that the fuel usage decreases. While the average cost of antifouling a boat can get high, the right method can prevent this from happening. Instead of expensive antifouling paints that you have to buy over and over again, you can invest in an ultrasonic device or give your boat a fresh-water bath occassionally. This will definitely improve the cost of antifouling a boat, saving you a lot of money.