Good starting point will make your stay so much more enjoyable

Visiting the Soca valley is one thing, but staying there for a while is another – you’ll have to carefully pick your accommodation to ensure you have the best possible starting point for all the activities you want to try. That’s especially true for the activities that heavily depend on the environment, such as canyoning – Bovec is the best choice for this, as it has several attractive canyons and a wide variety of guided tours available. But keep in mind there are other factors to consider as well with canyoning, Bovec will provide a great experience but it’s not the only choice.

It’s the same with other activities. There are several towns in the valley to choose from, offering similar experiences but unique advantages as well. Think about rafting – Bovec, Soca, all the factors that your experience depends on. And while the most popular choice is for rafting Bovec, Soca offers great entry points along the whole length. There are great agencies offering guided tours from other towns on the riverbank, they can even be found in some small villages. Of course, there are some advantages with rafting Bovec, Soca is especially attractive in this part and the offer is very well developed with the organized tours, transportation, and equipment rentals widely available. Don’t forget the accompanying offer of accommodation and dining, as well as other options and events.

If you’re looking into some specific adventures, you might not have a lot of choice. For canyoning, Bovec is the place to go. But for many other activities, and even for canyoning, you can pick any town in the valley. After all, you can find transport and enjoy the offer of every town in the valley, even though you’re staying in a small village that has no tourist agencies.