Most popular activities in Bovec

Bovec is a popular destination for all kinds of tourists, but the most obvious choice among those that are seeking a retreat in a beautiful environment of a scenic Alpine valley. Even the astonishing natural surroundings are reason enough to visit Bovec, but the main attraction is the wide offer of outdoor activities that will provide a lot of content for your vacations. It’s especially worth trying out some of the most popular activities in Bovec, mostly focused on the activities that can be done on the Soca river.

Soca river kayaking

Kayaking is a popular activity here, both with complete beginners and experienced adventurers that know how to kayak. Bovec offers a wide range of guided tours, even a kayak school, so have no worries, everyone can expect a great experience in a kayak Bovec is popular among the kayakers that are planning independent trips, as it offers all kinds of amenities, especially equipment rental and transport. If you’re a beginner in kayak, Bovec has a kayak school and professionally guided group tours.

Soca river rafting

For rafting, Bovec has even more attractive options, especially for families and other groups. Don’t hesitate to look into the varied offer of the local tourist agencies, there are many options to choose from. With rafting, Bovec is very popular among the more demanding visitors, for example experienced adventurers that are looking for especially thrilling activities. White-water rapids provide a challenge that will be fun and exciting even for them! For beginner rafting Bovec has guided tours that can be mostly scenic, without severe challenges, yet still exciting and interesting. That’s the top choice among many visitors, even among those that have never tired rafting and might not really know what to expect from the experience.