Rafting vs Kayaking – Which One is The Winner?

Rafting enthusiasts and kayaking lovers sometimes partake in some friendly competition between their beloved sports. Each of the groups claims that one is more enjoyable than the other. So which one is better – Bovec rafting or Soca river (Slovenia) kayaking?

Well, there is not clear cut answer, it usually depends on the preference of the person. If you prefer spending time on your own, Soca river (Slovenia) kayaking will be more for you. If you would rather be in a group Bovec rafting will definitely suit you best. Moreover, people that like leisure and connecting with nature will most likely enjoy Soca river (Slovenia) kayaking more, while people that like adrenaline will prefer Bovec rafting. While kayaking might bring you more in touch with yourself, canyoning will teach you participation, teamwork and cooperation. When it comes to safety, it is hard to say which one is considered less of a risk. Kayaking is usually a slower, non-threatening activity, however, only one person is present, so a lot can go wrong in the event of an accident. Rafting is faster and generally seen as more dangerous, but a group of people that are present can help each other during a hazardous occurrence. Usually, both kayaking and rafting are recognized as fun and enjoyable activities and both have a large number of supporters. Declaring a winner among the two is thus hard, impossible even, as the choice is always left to an individual. People that like to be alone and like to feel connected with nature will pick kayaking, while social adrenaline lovers will definitely opt for rafting. It is best, however, to try both and then decide which one is the absolute winner for you and then let others have the same choice for themselves.