Tourism in the Soca valley

If you find yourself in the Soca valley, you probably already have a vague idea of what to do here. It’s a popular destination among those seeking new adventures, especially if they take place on the river itself. The tourism in the Soca valley is centred around the offer of adrenaline activities and other options that will take you through the nature. Most of the offer is concentrated in the town of Bovec, which is also the favorite among the visitors of the valley.

In the Soca valley, rafting seems to be one of the most popular activities. It’s not that hard to spot some rafters floating downstream even from the roads and bridges above the river. And the popularity of the Soca valley rafting is even more evident from the advertisements and offers from the local tourist agencies. It’s one of the most attractive activities, and it shows – a sizable chunk of visitors have exactly one idea in their minds as they visit the Soca valley, rafting

Of course, that’s not the only thing attracting visitors to the valley. Rafting has plenty of competition, even among the water sports, for example kayak. Bovec is home for tourist agencies that mostly offer both rafting and kayaking, and both are quite popular among the visitors. For kayak, Bovec invites more experienced adventurers that prefer solo expeditions, as that’s the best way to explore the river in a boat. But there are also other options for kayak, Bovec offers beginner-friendly tours and even kayaking schools!

Tourism in the Soca valley is supported by all the necessary hospitality services, both accommodation and culinary offer among other amenities. That gives the tourists a great basis for exploration of all the activities on offer at local tourist agencies or available for free in the surrounding nature.